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Back 2 Nature Boer Goats

We welcome you to Back 2 Nature Boer Goats' website and wish you well in the meat goat industry. Use the links to the left to navigate through our site (and be sure to check out or Boer Goats for Sale page).

Nadia growing into a beautiful guard dog .
Nadia as an adorable puppy .

We had raised Rottweilers for over 15 yrs. before we put our last one down . We took a break from having dogs but Sally missed having one to alert her if someone was here . So we started looking for a puppy and looked at different ones until we saw Nadia .

Nadia growing into a beautiful guard dog .

This is Nadia at just over a year of age and already over 125 lbs. She is learning but has turned out to not only protect the goats but protect her property .



We hope we have the Buck or Doe that will improve or make for herd complete. We raise and offer for sale quality boer goats that will perform in the show ring or pasture. We raise fullblood and percentage traditional and colored Boer goats. Our herd is very select therefore each of them is known by their name and not by a number. Our doe herd consists of own does out of the following bucks: Whistle , Red Laredo , Moon Shine ( pending ),YDO Money Maker ,Ramseys's Draft , Batman's The Riddler , Max Boers Goats To Moon Boom ,SAG Captain Flash , Black Magick, Afraid of the Dark ,Lord Of The Ring ,Wide Open,  Cash Reward , Bono , Mr Dot Himself , Catitude, Splash of Class, Sawyer and Eggsalive . 


Boer Goats Illinois

We started our Boer goat odyssey the way most folks do - we purchased a few percentage does. They were enjoyable and we had fun watching them interact but when they kidded we graduated from fun to *love*. Yes, we were in love with the breed! We soon purchased a few fullblood does and started shopping for a fullblood buck. We called numerous breeders, looked at what seemed to be a thousand goats before we chose a buck and a few fullblood and percentage doe kids.

In 2006 we decided to put some size and bone in the red Boers while making them competitive against traditional Boers. So we started Sally's Reds which will showcase our red/paint genetics. We will try to kid both traditional and red/paint does at different times of the year so we will always have something for sale. From the reds we have started to improve the blacks . We are creating the black coloring while using different genetics to help get the black boers to the quality comparable to any other color or correct .



Boer Goats for Sale

Our site is a great place to find Boer Goats for Sale in Illinois. We have had the good fortune of selling goats to people from the following states: Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Maryland, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois. If your state isn't listed we would love to add your state to our list. We do get a lot of repeat business and we contribute it to our customers, who leave with money in their pockets so they can afford to feed what they just purchased. However, most of our customers come with the intention of buying one goat but when they see the quality for the price they buy more than one. And actually we prefer to sell more than one at a time because it is easier for a goat to adjust to a new home when they have a friend with them.



We usually have beautiful show quality kids for sale at reasonable prices. Whether you're looking to purchase a goat or just have a question don't hesitate to give us a call. We love our goats and once you see them you will too.



We thank you for taking the time to look at our website and hope to hear from you soon. If you are interested in this gentle breed we would be more than happy to send you additional photos or a video of our goats.


Back 2 Nature Boer Goats

Kelly and Sally Mahan
3691 Westfield Road
Winnebago, IL 61088


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Boer Goats For Sale in Illinois


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