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Laredo is out of doe that we sold the Crosslands that is out of Jaxon and Cherry Bomb and his sire is a double bred Ripper buck names Rock Solid . He is a very complete buck that actually has good height and length but his thickness makes him look a little shorter . Good red bucks like this are hard to find . We will be having some kids born out of late fall or early winter of 2015 .

I am very proud of this buck . He started life out as an underdog . He was born premature which was a choice I made in effort to save his dam . Unfortunately I lost her but was blessed with two bucks that were 15 days early that needed to be tubed the first three days of their life . They weren't given up so I wasn't given up on them . So for him to come from a premature bottle baby to have over 75 ABGA points on him is amazing . So don't give up on those bottle babies they may take just a little longer to get where they are going but if take care of them they will get there .

Back 2 Nature Whistle
Back 2 Nature Whistle

I like big powerful muscular goats and that is what Whistler is .  He is what a boer goat is suppose to look like . If you want a finer boned more shallow goat for a wether you can simply breed this style buck to a dairy goat .

Back 2 Nature Whistle

I didn't think I would ever need to say this when I first started raising boer goats but Whistler may have too much muscle for some breeders .

I have to start out by saying this is the best temperment buck I have ever owned . He has turned out to be one heck of a buck winning many championships . But more importantly has turned out to be a buck that would fit the descriptions of what traits a boer buck should have .

We had the pleasure to show Bono and earn his and his offspring points for ennoblemnet before selling him . We kept some very nice daughters out of him and they produce some nice kids . We do have semen out of him for sale and will have grand kids for sale also .

Bono next to Luger again look how deep that twist is .
Bono winning Reserve Yearling next to him is 2DOX Luger that got third.


Bono next to Luger again look how deep that twist is .


These ribbons were won against many great bucks that are ennobled and some national champions .

Back 2 Nature Polar Express

Back 2 Nature Polar Express
Back 2 Nature Polar Express

 Polar helped ennoble his dam Money Penny. Speaking about ennoblement points Polar has over 4000 most from offspring that is amazing . Thanks to Sunshine boer goats for facilitating this . You have made him become an elite sire and when all is said in done he has a possibility to be in the top 5 ABGA bucks for most points earned . 

BlackJack is a young buck that we are using to improve black boers .

BlackJack is a son out of Fireball and Black Mist

BlackJack is a son out of Fireball and Black Mist


Lord of the Ring

Look at that head WOW!!! 
Boer Goat Buck
Born: 1/07/10
Sire: RRD Remfire
Dam: ONBG American Idol

We are using Lord of Ring ( Ringo ) on a select group of does . These kids have potential to be outstanding animals that can excel at any level .

Click here for Full Record (including Pedigree and more pictures )

Back 2 Nature Fireball

This is Fireball Spring of 2016 . 
Boer Goat Buck
Sire: Red Laredo
Dam: Cheerio

Fireball is one of our homegrown herdsires . We are very pleased with the color and quality of his kids that he has produced so far .

Click here for Full Record (including more pictures )

Back 2 Nature Boer Goats

Kelly and Sally Mahan
3691 Westfield Road
Winnebago, IL 61088


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