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About Us

Greetings, we purchased our first percentage boers from Dennis Beranek and it wasn't long after we decided to get some fullbloods . We owe alot to Carol Rochester and Dennis Ansetta who we bought some of our original stock from . Dennis made us a couple of videos and we would watch them over and over . We still have those videos today and don't plan on ever destroying them . With both of their guidance we learned more about the goats . We learned some hard lessons also on our own so we urge you if you ever have any problems please give us a call and we will do our best to help you or direct you to someone that can .



Originally I just wanted to raise the goats and sell them from the farm . However , Sally for some reason I still don't understand today wanted to get involved in showing them . Showing can be real fun , stressful , dissappointing , alot of work and costly . So you might ask why do it ? Well some will say exposure or meet possible customers . But even though we like getting a rosette as much as the next guy , what has kept us going is some of the friendships you make over the years . These friendships are priceless and at the end of the day you walk away with one more friend instead of a rosette you were very successful . Unfortunately shows are competitive so not everyone is friendly and emotions can run high . So if someone just seems to rub you the wrong way just remember you probably have a good chance to make friends with someone else . Therefore , you can always find some good in a bad situation .


Lucy, our guard Llama, protects the herd.


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Kelly and Sally Mahan
3691 Westfield Road
Winnebago, IL 61088


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